Homeworth 499 Significant Events

Date Description
1875 Charter application was reviewed and approved by the Grand Lodge in October
6/18/1918 A communication was read from Grand Master H.M. Hagelbarger endorsing an order of Herbert Hoover, U.S. Food Administrator calling upon all to abstain from wheat and wheat products in any form until the next harvest, so far as possible.
1918 Five of the lodge officers during the year of 1918 were from the Scott family, including the WM, SW, JW, Treasurer and SS.
1921 89 Members
1922 D W Bates raised
1923 Victor Bates raised
1923 101 Members
1924 111 Members
1925 Dues $3.00 EA $20.00 FC $15,00
1925 108 Members
1926 107 Members
1927 Masonic home cornerstone laid
1928 Motion to move meetings to Thursday - motion failed
1930 Louisville (Paris) lodge accuses Homeworth of infringing on territory
1930 Grand Master sets dividing line for Paris jurisdictions - Paris Road & east to Homeworth
1933 Attempt to change regular meeting night to 2nd & 4th Tuesday defeated
1933 Intoxicating liquor in lodge (section 58) discussed
1933 Dues $25 initiation $5 FC $3 MM $8 sent to masonic home
1933 Members 107
1934 A letter from GM Sam H. Squire stating his decision on the 18th ammendment asking all lodges to refrain from the use of intoxication liquors ,selling or using of same except for medical use was read in open lodge.
1934 Members 110
1935 Lodge by laws abandoned for uniform laws
1935 August - Meetings moved to Wednesday night
1935 Members 103
1936 Members 103
1937 Victor Bates inspection 108 in attendance
1937 Gr Master statement on 3.2% beer in lodge
1937 April - H C Hoffman - Tyler - dies
1937 Members 101
1938 Members 102
7/24/1940 Owing to extremely hot weather degree work was pastponed to a later date!
12/25/1940 Not enough members present to open lodge. No meeting.
5/27/1942 Motion for Secretary to get in touch with nearest of kin of all brothern in service and notify Grand Lodge.
10/28/1942 Motioned carried to send cards to service men with room for short remarks from all members present.
1/27/1943 Sublime degree of MM lecture omitted on account of Bro. Hawkins leaving for Army Air Corps at 10:30. Grand Master to be asked to communicate with Grand Master of Texas for completion of degree.
1943 143 Members
1944 Maimed candidates approved for admission Article XVI.16
1944 The idea of a family night or picnic was proposed & approved
1944 152 Members
1945 Lodge votes to include $10 in fees for the Masonic Home
1945 162 Members
1946 Kenneth Hahlen raised to MM
1946 B J King trust for the lodge was established
1946 Bob Wallace raised to MM October 9
1946 166 Members
1947 Lodge rejects $3000 offer for old lodge after the fire
1947 Cornerstone for new lodge is laid October 12
1947 Alliance Knights Templer participate in cornerstone ceremony
1947 History of the lodge deposited in new cornerstone
1947 Dues raised to $10.00 to cover new building expenses
1947 May 15 Lodge burns
1947 Estimate for rebuild of lodge $12000.00
1947 176 Members
1948 Among those present at the June 23 inspection was R Scofield Master of Sebring lodge #696
1948 Robert Stump raised to sublime degree of MM July 14
1948 1st meeting in the unfinished undedicated new lodge July 25
1948 176 Members
1949 Dispensation to meet in new lodge is issued November
1949 New lodge is dedicated December 17
1949 April 27 David F Bates MM
1949 Eastern Star lodge started at Homeworth
12/17/1949 The Grand Lodge convened in the lobby, entered the newly finished lodge building and proceeded to dedicate with due and ancient form with Grand Marshal Dillon Crist, Grand Master William Pringle, Deputy Grand Master Lester Harris, Sr. Grand Warden Robert troescher, Jr. Grand Warden Ed Jenkins, Grand treasurer Fred Pirren, Grand Secretary Walter Hoffman, Sr. Grand Deacon Terry E Wing, Jr Grand Deacon Thurman Rohner, Sr. Grand Seward M.O. Dickenson, Jr Grand Steward Homer Ramser, Grand Tylor Lynn Shotwell, Grand Architect Fred McQuilken, Bearers of Carpet: Victor Bates, Earl Haught, F.F. Fearn, and Glover Martin; Bearers of Tapers: H.A. Danner, Earl Wang, and Chester Knoll; and Bearers of Great Lights; ZClifford Wallace and others. There were 203 Brethern and visitors present, representing 36 Lodges.
1949 Members 177
1950 Scottish Rite Valley of Canton donates $500 to building Fund
1950 Members 186
1951 Youngstown lodge donates leather upolstered wooden benches
11/14/1951 he matter of allowing the Johovah Witnesses Organization to meet in the basement was discussed and it was voted not to allow them the priviledge of meeting there.
1951 Members 183
1952 Members 190
1953 Members 191
11/10/1954 Brother S.G.Murriman, Past Grand Master of the State of Idaho presented a very rare portrate of George Washington to the lodge. One of seventeen of its kind, painted by William Willaims, it was purchased by Bro Murriman from the Grand Master of the State of Virginia at Alexandria, Virginia. This portrait is displayed in the upstairs lobby, outside the meeting room.
1954 Members 189
1955 Members 193
4/11/1956 A Brother from Australia who is in this country on business visiting the Bliss Company in Salem visited his first American Lodge and gave an interesting presentation talk on Masonry in Australia. Forty lodges were represented, with 14 Homeworth Past Masters.
1956 Members 196
1957 Members 199
1958 Members 203
3/25/1959 The Lodge was carpeted during the past week. The light above the alter was donated and installed by W. Bro. Robert Wallace.
4/8/1959 Eleven resolutions recommended by the trustees were aproved:
  1. The meeting rooms and preparation rooms are to be used only by bodies recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ohio.
  2. The rental of the Lodge basement for Sunday use will not be permitted, except for relgious purposes.
  3. The use of the Lodge basement by any person or persons for non-Masonic purposes will be by rental only.
  4. Any person or persons desiring to rent the Lodge basement may do so by contacting, either the Master or the Secretary of the Lodge. Homeworth Lodge and Homeworth Chapter OES to have preference over all other meetings.
  5. The Janitor, a member of Homeworth Lodge or Homeworth Chapter OES, must be present at all functions in the Lodge Building.
  6. Liquor, prizes, or lottery will not be permitted at any time.
  7. The rental charges for the Lodge basement for afternoon or evening will be $20.00 without kitchen facilities. Homeworth Chapter OES rental charges for the kitchen will be $5.00 for lunches or $15.00 for dinners. Services of a janitor are included.
  8. The salary of the Janitor will be $20.00 per month plus $5.00 for each meeting in excess of 50 yearly meetings of the Homewrth Lodge or Homeworth Chapter of OES, plus $5.00 for each basement rental.
  9. The monthly rental to the Homeworth Chapter OES will be $25.00 including janitor services.
  10. Any equipment removed from the Lodge premeses for Masonic or Easern Star functions will be by permission and under the supervision of Homeworth Lodge and Homeworth Chapter OES Trustees.
  11. All door locks are to be changed and master and sub-master keys to be made. Master keys to be issued to the Master and Secretary of Homeworth Lodge, Matron and Secretary of Homeworth Chapter OES, and the Janitor.
1959 Members 200
1/27/1960 After lengthy discussion, the Lodge voted to have the WM apoint Building and Finance Committees to proceed with plans to lay brick over the block building walls.
2/10/1960 Grand Lodge increased per capita dues from $2.50 to $2.75 per year.
7/27/1960 After discussion the Lodge voted to authorize the Trustees to rent the basement to the local school board.
1960 Members 198
1961 Exterior of lodge bricked
1961 Bro. Royal Schofield was voted down as honorary member
1961 Bro. John Muerman Past Grand Master of Idaho was elected as honorary member
1961 Lodge basement rented by West Branch Local School for classes
1962 Lodge basement rented by West Branch Local School for classes
1963 Assisted in laying cornerstone at West Branch Local School
1965 April Bro. John Muerman Past Grand Master of Idaho 100 years old
1965 Bro. Royal Schofield was voted as an honorary member
1967 207 Members
1968 Stated meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday - July & Aug Dark
1975 Oct 22 reconsecration ceremony for 100th year of Homeworth Lodge
1976 Harold Bates 24th District Educational Officer
1977 193 members
1980 RW Brother Gordon Coombs elected honorary member
1984 In September MM Degree given by Homeworth at 24th annual outdoor degree
1987 Grand lodge edict Masonic Friendship program
1987 Fred Perien 65 years
1987 Oscar Harsh 60 years
1987 Forrest Vandegrift 50 years
1987 Encouraging a worthy man to become a Mason is sanctioned by the Grand Lodge
1987 190 members
1988 184 members
1989 Homeworth presented plaque for most special olympians sponsered
1990 Sponsered Little League Baseball Team
1990 Homeworth hosts annual Labor Day outdoor meeting at Horvath farm
1989 175 members
1990 172 members
1991 170 members
1991 Lee Galbreath 50 years
1991 Virgil Jackson 50 years
1991 Robert Scott 50 years
1991 John Yaggi 50 years
1992 Bill Albright 50 years
1992 Fred Peiren received community builders award
1992 164 members
1993 158 members
1993 Forrest Albright 50 years
1993 Ray Yoder 50 years
1993 Glen Ditty 50 years
1994 156 members
1994 Lodge voted smoke free
1994 Homeworth Eastern Star moves to Minerva
1995 157 members
1996 154 members
1996 Leonard Lowmiller 50 years
1996 Bill McCoy 50 years
1996 Eddie Wallace 50 years
1996 Bob Wallace 50 years
1996 Walter McQuilken 60 years
1997 147 members
1998 142 members
1998 Robert Stump 50 years
1999 137 members
1999 Douglas O. Brenneman Grand Master Ohio honorary member Homeworth
2000 132 members
2001 131 members
2002 127 members
2003 136 members
2003 Lowell Buckman 50 years
2012 Most Worshipful Brother Kevin B Todd (Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM) attended the Inspection of Homeworth Lodge 499
2013 1st "The Master's Annual St Patrick's Day Dinner/Dance" at the Heritage Oaks in Sebring, OH.
2014 1st annual trap shoot was held at the Knox Township Sportsman's Club.
2015 Homeworth Lodge 499 had a float in the Sebring,Ohio Fireman's Parade. The float had participants from the Columbiana County Special Olympics on it who tossed candy to the people viewing the parade. This is the 34th consecutive year Homeworth has done this.
2015 A new roof was installed on the lodge building.
2017 Pool table installed.
2018 New chairs bought for the sidelines in the lodge room.
2018 All the windows in the lodge were replaced.

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